Lice Have Become Resistant To Chemicals. It's Next To Impossible To Clear Up An Infestation With The Use Of Harmful Pesticides
And Insecticides. 

Our Treatment Protocol Is Proven And Chemical-Free. Manual Nit 
Removal Is Part Of Our Process Ensuring Total 
Eradication. Satisfaction 

Save Time And Money Using Our Service. Let Our Highly Trained Technicians Treat Your Family Today! Same Day Appointments Are Available. Our Products Are 100% Safe For Children Of All Ages.

     Nitlogic provides affordable, professional head lice and nit removal for your family in the privacy of your home. Upon arrival, if the technician finds active head lice and/or nits, they will meticulously comb out the hair, section by section, removing the lice/nits. They will then check the hair strand by strand and manually extract any nits that were too small to be removed with the lice comb. When the technician leaves your home, everyone treated will be free and clear of head lice.

     During our visit, your family will learn about head lice in general, how to break the lice life cycle and prevention. Instructions on how to treat your home during an infestation will be given to you. Professional lice combs are essential to effectively combat and control head lice/nits. We'll give you one, free of charge. We leave you armed and educated, finally in control and no longer defeated by head lice!

  You will find that our rates are very reasonable. We believe in offering quality service at a fair price.

    Save yourself the time, stress, and money associated
  with battling head lice on your own and
contact Nitlogic today!



*Our service is covered by Flexible Spending Accounts as well as some health insurance plans.

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